Support group

Our Principles

Mary Frances Trust guarantees people living with mental ill health a place where they are welcome and feel that they belong. Their relationships with staff and volunteers are characterised by equality and mutual respect.

Since we opened, our service has evolved in response to the developing needs and aspirations of people who use our services, as well as changing ideas about what services can help an individual’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

However, we remain committed to those founding principles.

Over the years, we have increased our offer of activities, groups, and individual support to promote people’s recovery and wellbeing, and enabled them to access mainstream opportunities in the community, such as education, voluntary work, and leisure. These arise from our commitment to ensure that people can participate fully in their communities, achieve their own personal goals, and have the best possible quality of life.

Mission and Values


The purpose of Mary Frances Trust is to:

  • Work with people who experience any kind of emotional or mental health distress until they feel confident to get on with with their life again
  • Provide leadership and co-ordination in the development and delivery of community mental health services in Surrey


Contribution –

  •  Strength based approach not just for a passive recipient
  • Active and voluntary involvement in every aspect of running the organisation (including delivery, monitoring, reviewing and service development)

Individuality –

  • Everyone offered a personally tailored approach with supported space to think what is working and not working in their life and finding a way forward

Inclusivity –

  • Not segregated, not separate from the community, providing a connection through our services into mainstream community activities

Commitment to equal and respectful relationship –

  • Which serve as a model for behaviour within and outside activities associated with MFT

Enabling people – 

  • To find their own strengths and resources – doing with, not doing for

Belief – 

  • That people can improve and achieve their goals and their potential. Recovery is possible for each individual