Advice & Information

The Advice and Information service is run by Lenny Roberts-Flanders, who has actively been supporting people with mental health needs for a number of years in this role.

This service offers free and confidential advice and support on a range of issues such as ;

  • benefits
  • housing
  • how to access the services that you need

The aims of the service are to resolve issues which are of concern, allow you  to take control of your life and to enable you to make informed decisions by being able to access the right information and support in a safe environment.

If you access Advice and Information you can expect to receive:

  • Telephone or face to face information and support
  • Support in dealing with other organisations and agencies relevant to your care, day to day living and wellbeing
  • Information and resources
  • Referral to other agencies where required (for instance specialist Mental Health Act Advocacy or specialist services) or relevant community services
  • We will continue to offer support until a satisfactory outcome is achieved or we will signpost to a more specialist organisation.

Appointments  are offered at any of our venues.

Appointments are normally for an hour and special arrangements can be made in exceptional circumstances.

Whatever the nature of advice and support required you can contact Lenny on 01372 375 400 / 079 2902 4724 or email her on