“I have been getting help with my college course, help communicating with people and funding. I’ve also had people to talk to when I was going through a rough patch.”

“It helps me to get out, I had support from education, advocacy, making friends, someone to talk to and support to join in activities, and gentle wellbeing reminders to help me with my diet.”

“Invaluable and inspirational place where I can meet people and be part of a community which supports one another.”

“The Mary Frances Trust gave me the training and with the support of the staff, the confidence and guidance to successfully achieve employment, taking into account my mental health condition”.

“I am making plans to achieve my goals I’ve set myself.”

“Have given and received great amount of peer support.”

“All activities are a great moral boost and a chance to get out and meet people. Also the great support for all manner of problems which would be out of reach otherwise.”

“Since being with MFT I’ve completed and passed an open university course, an introduction to book keeping & accounting. Now I am doing an Accountancy course one day a week at Nescot.”

“Thank you for the lovely massage. I am recovering from an episode of severe depression and find that the massage helps very much with the tension in my neck and back, as well as lifting my mood.”

“Just wanted to thank you for the computer training you gave me recently. I start a new job on May 1st. I am a bit more confident around computers now, thanks to your patience.”

“I have been attending the Art Group and am beginning to re-gain some lost confidence and courage. The staff and volunteers have been very helpful and encouraging.”

“The OU course is going well. I got 85% in my first assignment and I’m waiting for the result of my second. I’m really loving it and I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me to do it.”