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  • Star-on-window_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    How to make a stained glass effect on your window

    Hi everyone, My name is Beccy. Some of you might know me as the Art tutor…

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  • toimetaja-tolkeburoo-KQfxVDHGCUg-unsplash_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    What not to say to someone with an eating disorder

    If a friend or family member suffers from an eating disorder, it can be difficult to…

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  • body-image_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Nine Things my Eating Disorder taught me

    "When I sat down to write this blog on the topic of ‘body image’, my instinct…

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  • Runner_2560x1440_acf_cropped_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    John’s personal challenge

    Our Head of Operations, John Anderton, will be running 25 miles on Thursday 19 September to…

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  • safe-haven_2560x2560_acf_cropped-1_2560x2560_acf_cropped_2560x1440_acf_cropped-1
    Six things you can do to help someone who is feeling suicidal

    Jane Heady who oversees our Safe Haven service in Epsom wrote: "If you think that someone…

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  • Stephen-Ireland-rotated_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    “Mental health shouldn’t be ignored. If you break, you cannot live!”

    As a passionate advocate of LGBT rights, Stephen is bringing Pride to Surrey on 10 August…

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  • Runner_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    “Get over it, we all have mental health!”

    "Well I started running earlier this month. I am trying to run three times a week,…

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  • Big-Mosaic-Project-with-Tina_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    How mosaic making changed my life

    "Mosaic is an ancient art that lends itself to modern times easily. I had long loved…

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