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  • bruce-mars-s8PTWCu5maQ-unsplash_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Why Sleep matters to your Mental Health and Wellbeing

    In this month's blog, we’re going to be talking about the amount of rest we have…

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  • Marble8-Copy_2560x1440_acf_cropped-1
    Create the perfect marble effect

    Hello everyone, What glorious sunshine! I hope that you have all managed to get outside and…

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  • Art12_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Design your own living room artwork!

    Hi everybody, Today I have made this bright colourful piece of art made with paints and…

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  • Butterfly7_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Make your own butterfly at home

    Hello everyone, What lovely sunshine we have all been having in the past few weeks (bar…

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  • kelly-sikkema-4le7k9XVYjE-unsplash_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Mental Health Awareness Week – Kindness Meditations

    During Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW), we celebrated kindness in many ways both by a wonderful…

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  • johannes-w-qaIQk1TVon8-unsplash_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Marking my 30th anniversary

    "My anniversary. The year of qualifying for a provisional driving licence. The year before sitting exams…

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  • Letter8-e1590488159467_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Lettering Art

    Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and have enjoyed the…

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  • Meditation
    Celebrating Kindness through Meditation

    This year, over Mental Health Awareness Week, we are celebrating kindness. Kindness is the quality of…

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  • CD7_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Turn old CDs into a work of art!

    Hi all, I have used some old CDs to create this week's activity. They were so…

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  • 160420-MHAW-Kindness-Instagram-1_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    What Kindness Means

    Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 18 May until 24 May and this year's theme is…

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