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    Breaking the Stigma of Borderline Personality Disorder

    This blog is written by Elena, who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and attends Community Connections…

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    Walk In Richmond Park – A Conversation With Nicole

    We're starting a walking blog for ramblers and nature lovers to share their best walks, wildlife…

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    Craft Blog: Colour Therapy Week 4

    This is the final part of our four-week series looking at colour therapy - a simple…

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    Glad it happened: a mental health recovery story

    As part of our Men's Minds Matter campaign, Chris - one of our male clients…

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    Craft blog: Colour Therapy Week 3

    Welcome to the third of this four-part series on colour therapy, introducing you to how to…

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    Craft blog: Colour Therapy Week 2

    The first blog in this four-part series provided an introduction to colour therapy - the…

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    Craft blog: Introducing Colour Therapy

    Welcome to 2021! Let’s hope it will be a better one for us all than last…

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    Depression and Liberation, a Continuing Journey

    In support of our Men’s Minds Matter campaign, our Vice-Chair of Trustees, Jeremy Ross, looks…

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    Craft Project Week 16: Festive Table Decoration

    For our last Craft Project blog of the year, we'll be focusing on Festive table decoration!…

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    Craft Project Week 15: Stitched Heart Decoration

    A handmade decoration adds a lovely touch to Christmas and here’s an idea to practise your…

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