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  • Our Annual General Meeting

    Mary Frances Trust is made up of a Board of Trustees, paid staff, volunteers - and most importantly, the people we support.

    We are a membership organisation which means we have structured our organisation so that it is our Members who elect the Board of Trustees, who then take responsibility for the strategic development of the charity.

    As a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee, it is a legal requirement that we hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year so our Members and other interested stakeholders can find out more about the organisation’s financial statement from the preceding year, presented as part of our Annual Report and Accounts (ARA), as well as our services and various projects we’ve been working on. It is during the AGM that our Members elect our Trustees, vote to approve our financial accounts and any other resolutions that we may present them with.

    Visit our Annual Report and Accounts page

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  • When is the next AGM?

  • Our 2023 AGM was held on Monday 20 November 2023 at Bourne Hall, Ewell. Our next AGM will take place in the autumn of 2024.

  • What does it mean to be a Member and how to become one?

    As part of the AGM process, we have to draw up a register of Members of Mary Frances Trust.

    To be eligible to register as a Member of Mary Frances Trust, you need to have lived experience of mental health issues or be a carer of someone with mental health issues. 

    The registered Members of our company are defined as those people who register as such 21 clear days before the AGM each year. Please note that being a client of MFT does not mean you automatically become a Member of MFT – you need to actively sign up to become one. This can be done as part of the AGM registration process during AGM season (scroll up for more info about our next AGM).

    You do not have to be a client to be a Member, our volunteers, partners or anyone from the general public is entitled to become a Member of MFT.

    Registered Members are invited to vote on the Annual Report and Accounts of the previous financial year and any resolutions posed at the AGM, and throughout the following year. Most importantly it is the registered Members of Mary Frances Trust who appoint the Board of Trustees. Each year at least one third of the Board will step down for re-election.

    Please note it is possible to attend the AGM without becoming a Member. You’re welcome to come along to find out more about our charity but you won’t be able to take part in the voting which is for Members only.

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  • Proxy vote

    If you’ve registered to become a Member of Mary Frances Trust but cannot attend the meeting, you can request a proxy form by contacting our Communications Team at or on 01372 375400 or 07929 024722 (SMS service).


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