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  • Insight into Co-production

    Co-production is at the heart of what we do.

    Working alongside individuals who have experience of using mental health services, we take a true partnership approach to designing and developing every aspect of our organisation.

    Although the term ‘Co-production’ sounds complicated, its meaning and purpose is actually really simple:

    Services work best when they are designed together with the people who use them.

    This makes perfect sense. The input of mental health professionals is, of course, vital for designing services that are robust and suitable. But for a service to be really fit for purpose, it needs to be created with the people who use that service.

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  • At MFT, we recognise the unique insight that individuals have into their own mental health and the value of their contribution when designing and improving our services.

    We have an active Advisory Group, which is made up of individuals who have experience of using mental health services and who work together with us to co-design everything that happens here at our charity. This can range from the ‘big picture’ stuff – everything from strategy to policy – to the everyday running of our charity, where the group helps design and shape our courses, events, groups and activities.

    Our Advisory Group is integral in ensuring that the people who use our services are at the heart of everything that we do. It recognises the value and potential of each individual and their capacity to make real, positive change in the provision of our services.

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  • Why join our Advisory Group?

    Joining an Advisory Board is a voluntary role. Because of this, everyone who gets involved needs to feel the benefits of their co-production work.

    Current research shows the importance of Co-Production methods – not just for the organisation providing the services, but also for the person taking part. Feeling valued and using personal experiences to shape the future of mental health services can help an individual’s own recovery and boost self-confidence. And by being exposed to so many different topics, an MFT Advisor builds vast and valuable experience which can be used again in a work situation.

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  • What would I have to do?

    At MFT, we offer various opportunities to become involved with Co-Production.

    The first is to join our Advisory Group. We are a small, friendly, working group that meets once a month to plan, design and create services. If you are interested in taking part in this, please contact us at

    We also run Co-Production workshops, which are open sessions that focus on co-designing one specific project. If you would like to be involved in Co-Production but do not want to commit to a monthly meeting, or if you are just interested in certain aspects of what we do at MFT, then these are the sessions for you! Keep an eye on our newsletter for upcoming sessions or email us at

    Become an Advisory Group Member

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