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  • Elle-Seline-aspect-ratio-2560-1440
    Breaking the Stigma of Borderline Personality Disorder

    This blog is written by Elle, who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and attends our SUN…

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  • onur-bahcivancilar-wh9I0jokix8-unsplash-aspect-ratio-2560-1440
    My Hoarding Journey

    For National Hoarding Awareness Week, we wanted to raise awareness of hoarding and the support there…

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  • MHAW-2024-2-aspect-ratio-2560-1440
    What Happens In The Brain When We Exercise?

    This year, Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May 2024) focuses on "Movement" and how we can…

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  • mhaw24-social-post-02-landscape-aspect-ratio-2560-1440
    Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 With Us!

    Every May, the Mental Health Foundation runs Mental Health Awareness Week to raise awareness of one…

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  • BLOG-Trust-Your-Gut-Stress-The-Vagus-Nerve-Facebook-Post-1-aspect-ratio-2560-1440
    Trust Your Gut: Stress & the Vagus Nerve

    For Stress Awareness Month (April), we asked Kat, our Mental Health Safeguarding and Clinical Supervision Lead,…

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  • Copy-of-Newsletter-2-aspect-ratio-2560-1440
    Anna: “Sleeping, Eating and Exercising Well Are Key to Managing Bipolar”

    To mark World Bipolar Day, Anna, one of our Yoga Teachers & Mental Health and Happiness…

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  • benjamin-child-rOn57CBgyMo-unsplash-1-aspect-ratio-2560-1440
    Dealing Better With Stress and Anxiety

    For Stress Awareness Month (April), Rachel, our Physical Health Liaison Worker, shares some  practical advice on…

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  • Copy-of-Newsletter-2-aspect-ratio-2560-1440
    Chris: “Bipolar is a super power, not a disorder”

    Click below to watch Chris' video and read his blog below to understand his whole journey:…

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  • IMG20230519113907-aspect-ratio-2560-1440
    Poem: Our Little Garden

    After reading a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah, It made me want to write a poem –…

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  • Debt-Awareness-aspect-ratio-2560-1440
    How Debt Can Impact Mental Health And What To Do About It

    "Debt can cause and be caused by mental health issues. It can be an easy option…

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