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    The Impact of Co-Production

    For Co-Production Week (4-9 July 2022), Advisory Group member Keri pens a blog to…

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    Community Listening Events – June and July 2022

    Have you, or anyone you care for, used any of the following mental health and wellbeing…

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    Meet Sam, our Chair of Trustees

    For Volunteers Week (1-7 June 2022), we wanted to raise awareness of the importance of volunteering,…

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    Volunteering for the Advisory Group

    For Volunteers Week (1-7 June 2022), Advisory Group member Keri shares in a short video blog…

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    Loneliness – What It Feels Like and How To Manage It

    For Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May), our coffee morning and peer support groups all reflected…

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    The Benefits of Connections At Coffee Mornings

    On Thursday 12 May, as we celebrated our 500th virtual coffee morning since the start of…

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    Epsom Safe Haven has moved to the Brickfield Centre

    The Epsom Safe Haven has now moved to new permanent premises at the Brickfield Centre, Portland…

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    The Red Apple

    For Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May 2022) around the theme of loneliness, we’re sharing a series…

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    And the Doorbell Rang…

    For Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May 2022) around the theme of loneliness, we're sharing…

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    How Peer Support Helps to Reduce Loneliness

    This blog was written by Allen, our Epsom Peer Support Group Facilitator, for Mental Health…

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