Our Services

Mary Frances Trust offers a variety of services for people suffering from consequences of their mental ill health. This may include, stress, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, hoarding and others. We provide some of our services directly, while others are provided by, or alongside, our partners. All of our services are designed to support people’s wellbeing and help them on their way to recovery.

Below is a list of courses and activities that start in February/March 2019.

Please click on the course/s that you are interested in to find more details:

Sports and Fitness

Evening Wellbeing Football – Walton

Leacroft Legends Football Practice – Staines

Badminton Group – Staines

Pilates Beginners – Epsom

Yoga Beginners – Esher

Yoga Beginners – Leatherhead

Yoga Beginners – Walton


Creative Art and Crafts

Craft Café – Elmbridge

Spring Themed Arts and Crafts – Epsom

The Big Mosaic Project – Epsom

Art with Beccy – Leatherhead (please note this class will not be running during half term on 19 Feb 2019)

Creative Writing Group – Elmbridge

Woman’s Craft Group  – Epsom (please note this class will not be running during half term on 19 Feb 2019)


Self Improvement and Wellbeing

Introduction to Mindfulness – Leatherhead 

Introduction to Mindfulness – Epsom

Weekly Mindfulness Practice – Epsom and Banstead

Sustainability Group – Epsom

Managing Anxiety – Elmbridge

Consent Course – Epsom

Decluttering and Goal Setting Course Epsom

Wellbeing Hour – Banstead

Healthy Eating Course – Staines

Confidence Building and Conflict Management – Tadworth



Gardening Group – West Elmbridge

Men’s Group – Elmbridge

Men’s Drop in Session – Leatherhead

Cupcake Decorating Workshop – Leatherhead

Walking Photography Group – Leatherhead

First aid course – Leatherhead

Support Groups

Peer Support Group – Spelthorne

Personality Disorder Support Group – Epsom

Bipolar Self Help Group – Leatherhead

Hoarders’ Self Help Group – Leatherhead

Anxiety Self Help Group – Elmbridge

STEPPS-down Course – Leatherhead (follow up course for Bipolar Personality Disorder)



Butterfly Cafés – Leatherhead (every Wednesdays and Fridays)

Social Café with workshops Spelthorne

Pop up café Epsom and Banstead

About Community Connections

In 2013, we succeeded with our bid to become one of Community Connections’ Mental Health Lead Providers.

What does Community Connections mean?

One of the common consequences of mental health issues is social isolation. Sometimes this may result from the mental health problem itself. Reasons may also include low income, lack of self-confidence, etc.

A further major problem is the stigma, or negative attitudes that society holds towards people who use mental health services. These can affect the relationships with others, including employers, undermine self confidence, and prevent people from seeking the help they need

Mary Frances Trust is committed to supporting people with mental health problems to become fully active members of their communities, with access to all the opportunities this offers.
We work with other local organisations to enable people to access:

  • Education courses at every level (adult education, further education, degree and postgraduate level, as required). For more details, please see the page on Learning & Skills
  • Voluntary work
  • Employment
  • Sports and Leisure opportunities
  • Experiences in the Arts

Safe Haven in Epsom

In partnership with Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, this important new service was launched on 7th March 2016.

Safe Haven in Epsom operates every evening, in the Surrey Choices building at The Larches, 44 Waterloo Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8EX

What We Do

We provide a supportive environment for adults who are experiencing emotional or mental health crises in Surrey.

What can you expect from Safe Haven ?

We will provide a safe, welcoming and friendly environment.

If you prefer to remain anonymous you can – we don’t mind.

We will offer a supportive environment for anyone in crisis, during a time of need and when there may be no-one else around to provide it. We will provide a friendly, non-judgemental and a listening ear for anyone who wants to talk about their feelings. Our venue will be a place of safety and a calm environment for a person to be during times of distress.

We can offer practical support to you to better manage your mental health.

We will signpost to other support and offer information on other agencies, if this is what you want.

When is it available? Every evening 365 days of the year. 

6pm to 11pm  anyone in crisis can attend

6pm to 7pm anyone can attend for social support

Just show up if you feel you need support.

You can download a leaflet about Safe Haven in Epsom