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    Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 with us!

    Every May, the Mental Health Foundation gets the whole nation talking about achieving good mental health during Mental Health…

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    How MFT Has Empowered Us to Manage Stress & Anxiety

    For Stress Awareness Month in April 2023, we have asked our clients how MFT might have…

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    What Post-Natal OCD Looks Like

    To mark World Maternal Mental Health Day (3 May 2023), we wanted to raise awareness of…

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    Chat & Chai for Bipolar

    It's World Bipolar Day on 30 March, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously…

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    World Bipolar Day: Mania Is an Aerosol Can

    For World Bipolar Day (30 March), we want to raise awareness of bipolar disorder which is…

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    My First Encounter with Mental Health Issues

    For Children’s Mental Health Week (6-12 February 2023), Catherine, 17, opens up about her first struggle…

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    New online Hoarding Programme for Surrey residents

    PRESS RELEASE - Leatherhead - 2 February 2023 Mary France Trust & Surrey and Borders Partnership…

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    Hope Project: Join our Art Exhibition in Epsom

    As part of our Hope project funded by Surrey County Council, we will be holding an…

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    Celebrate Time to Talk on 2 February 2023

    On Thursday 2 February 2023, the nation will be celebrating Time to Talk Day, a day…

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    I will be your witness

    The following song written by MFT supporter GG is about the struggles that come with having…

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