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  • CD7_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Turn old CDs into a work of art!

    Hi all, I have used some old CDs to create this week’s activity. They were so…

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  • 160420-MHAW-Kindness-Instagram-1_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    What Kindness Means

    Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 18 May until 24 May and this year’s theme…

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  • Finger-3_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Try Your Hand at Finger Print Art!

    Hello everyone, Today’s activity is really quick and easy! I have made these really cute pictures…

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  • Fox13_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Make your own Fox Corner Bookmark!

    Hello everyone, Today I would like to show you how to make these really cute bookmarks.

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  • the-road-815297_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    How to mindfully connect with nature

    Lenny is our Wellbeing Advice and Information Officer. She is also a Teach Mindfulness Graduate…

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  • landscape-7_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    How to make a colourful landscape

    Hello everyone, I hope you are surviving this lockdown and staying safe. I thought this week…

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  • Card-9_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Make your own greetings card!

    Hi everyone, This week’s activity was created a few days ago when I overheard my neighbour…

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  • Bird-box-5_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Make your own bird box!

    Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a good Easter and managed to safely get…

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  • Finished-flower-foil_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    How To Make Colourful Embossed Foil Art

    Hello everybody, Today’s activity is a really simple idea which looks really effective. It is bright…

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  • IMG_3731_2560x1440_acf_cropped
    Improve your colouring with blending and shading

    Hi everyone, I really hope that you are all well and staying safe. This week, I…

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